Elementary School

Kindergarten Math Science Writing
1st Grade Math Science Writing
2nd Grade Math Science Writing
3rd Grade Math Science Writing
4th Grade Math Science Writing
5th Grade Math Science Writing
6th Grade Math Science Writing

Middle School

7th Grade Math Science Writing
8th Grade Math Science Writing

High School

Science Biology
  Earth Science
Writing Expository
  Literary Response
  Senior Lit

Curriculum Maps Defined

Curriculum maps are used as planning guides to help teachers begin planning their courses with an end in mind.  Teachers ask themselves: What do I want the students to know and be able to do by the end of a grade level, or specific course?  How will we get there?  What methods will we use? How do ALL of the state standards fit within this plan?  These are all questions that frame the planning of the maps. The maps are organized by month, and or by marking period.  They reflect the prescribed state standards, the method of teaching, the materials used, and how the students will be assessed.  Also, the maps provide links to other subject areas as the unit or concept of one area relates to another.  Major writing assignments and projects are often highlighted in maps.  Strategies for teaching and assessing are also included in the maps.

Rationale and Use

The maps provide a framework for our academic studies from year to year.  Teachers are able to get a more concrete notion of what the teachers in the grade or course levels below them cover and assess, and what is expected in the grade or course levels above what they currently teach.  Making the maps and evaluating the maps together at the start, middle and end of each school year helps teachers to realize gaps in teaching, areas that need re-teaching, and when the maps are used in combination with teacher made assessments, or state test scores, the teachers can rebuild their maps to fortify areas of weakness.

To our Parents

Reading through your child’s grade level maps, you will be able to understand how your child’s teacher addresses and teaches to the state standards in a variety of ways with a variety of resources.  You will be able to see the scope and sequence regarding the series of lessons and activities and assessments put into place in order to ensure that your sons and  daughters are learning what is prescribed by the state.  More importantly you will see the collective wisdom of the professionals that teach your children.