Board Members



Randy Hawley President
Heather Hermen Vice President
Zach Richardson Member
Karen McClelland Member
Karl Wiseman Member

Governing Board Meetings & Public Postings

General Information

School district governing board members are selected by voters of the district. Members serve as public officers. Among other things, the governing board sets goals, hires personnel, and establishes budgets, policies, curriculum, and goals for the district. Members receive no pay for their services. Their authority to make decisions is limited to being a part of a majority vote of the board when it is in session with a quorum present. At other times, governing board members have no more authority regarding the school than any other resident of the district.

School district governing boards are subject to Arizona open meeting laws. Notices of meetings, including an agenda of the matters to be discussed or decided, must be available to the public at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, except in the case of an actual emergency. The minutes or a recording shall be open to public inspection three working days after the meeting. The board may hold certain discussions in executive session (not open to the public). Examples include discussions of employment, salaries, and consultations with attorneys for the district. A public vote shall be taken before any legal action binds the school district.


Arizona School Boards Association
Yavapai County Education Service Agency